The former champion of boxing, Chen Huan, was forced to retire ten years ago. Since then, he has been stunned and overloaded, and has been in the middle of the boxing hall in front of the coach. In his early twenties, Achao loved fighting. He learned wrestling under the training of his father from an early age. He has excellent fighting talents, but he was imprisoned for three years to save his classmate Yu Xin from his death. Deep mustard. After being released from prison, Yu Xin took A Chao to find Chen Chao, hoping that Chen Chao could train A Chao. She knew that only fighting can wake up A Chao, let him open the knot, and live anew. At the same time, Chen Huan learned that his daughter was about to be sent to Canada by his ex-wife to study. In order to get back custody with her daughter, Chen Huan must have a certain economic foundation. So Chen Huan decided to train Achao and take him to the fighting competition to win the prize. After hard training and repeated competitions, the two have accumulated deep mentoring and apprenticeships, and two closed hearts have opened a window to the world because of each other.

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1h 39m 2020 27 views

  • Openload
  • Original title: 搏击者
  • Release date: 15-02-2020
  • Genre: Action, Drama
  • Release year:
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